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Sentry Select Capital Inc. annonce la dissolution du Fonds Chine Sentry le 25 mars 2011 (anglais)

TORONTO: The Board of Directors of Sentry Select Capital Inc. (“Sentry” or the “Trustee”), as trustee of the Sentry Group of Funds, has determined that it is in the best interests of the unitholders to terminate Sentry China Fund (the “Fund”). We anticipate that the Fund’s termination will occur on or about March 25, 2011.

Due to the Fund’s small asset size, it has become difficult to economically fulfil the Fund’s mandate. Furthermore, the Fund has been in net redemption for a considerable period of time and is unlikely to attract significant new assets in the foreseeable future.

As a result of the imminent termination of the Fund, Sentry is no longer accepting new purchases of units. Sentry will continue to facilitate redemptions, transfers and switches to other mutual funds managed by Sentry prior to the Fund’s termination. Leading up to the termination date, the Fund’s assets will be liquidated, outstanding liabilities of the Fund will be discharged and the remaining net assets will, upon termination, be distributed to Unitholders. All expenses associated with the termination of the Fund will be borne by the Trustee.

Sentry China Fund: Sentry China Fund aims to provide a total return and quarterly cash distributions by investing in equity securities of companies that carry on the majority of their business in China.

Sentry Investments: Sentry Investments is a Canadian asset management company that offers a diverse range of investment products including mutual funds, hedge funds, flow-through limited partnerships and other alternative investments, covering a variety of domestic and global mandates.

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