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Sentry Select Rogers International Commodity Index Principal-Protected Notes Series 1 and 2 Provide Notice to Holders

TORONTO: Sentry Select Capital Corp. ("Sentry Select") announces that as of November 20, 2008, the benchmark portfolio net asset value of Sentry Select Rogers International Commodity Index Principal-Protected Notes, Series 1 and Series 2 (the "Notes") became equal to or less than the Floor Level. Given extreme volatility associated with current market conditions and the resulting negative impact on the performance of the Reference Assets, the Investment Policy requires that the Reference Assets be sold. The net proceeds from the sale of the Reference Assets have been invested in Permitted Investments until the Maturity Dates (which is October 21, 2013 for Series 1 and December 16, 2013 for Series 2) to ensure full repayment of the Principal Amount of $100.00 per Note. The Maturity Redemption amount will then be $100.00 per Note on the respective Maturity Date. As a result, the Notes will produce no further return on the Maturity Date, regardless of the subsequent performance of the Reference Assets and Holders will receive the Principal Amount of $100.00 per Note at the Maturity Date without any Anniversary Payment until such time. The Agent intends to maintain until the Maturity Date, under normal market conditions, a weekly secondary market for the Notes as per the Information Statement.

The Notes: Sentry Select Rogers International Commodity Index Principal-Protected Notes, Series 1 and Series 2 are deposit notes, issued by National Bank of Canada. The performance of the Notes are linked to the appreciation of (i) a portfolio of commodities managed by Diapason Commodities Management SA with the objective to replicate the performance of the Rogers International Commodity Index(TM) (RICI) and (ii) certain fixed-income and/or money-market instruments (the "Benchmark Portfolio").

Sentry Select Capital Corp.: Sentry Select Capital Corp. is a Canadian wealth management company that manages a diverse range of investment products including closed-end trusts, mutual funds, hedge funds, principal-protected notes and flow-through limited partnerships, covering a variety of domestic and global mandates.

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