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Sentry Select Capital Corp. files final prospectus for Sentry Select 40 Split Income Trust

TORONTO: Sentry Select Capital Corp. is pleased to announce that a final prospectus for Sentry Select 40 Split Income Trust (the “Trust”) has been filed with the securities regulatory authorities in each of the provinces and territories of Canada. The Trust is an investment trust that will issue Preferred Securities and Capital Units. The Preferred Securities have been provisionally rated Pfd-2 (low) by Dominion Bond Rating Service Limited.

Cash option: The Preferred Securities and Capital Units are being offered separately, but will be issued only on the basis that an equal number of Preferred Securities and Capital Units will be outstanding at the closing of the Offering.

The Offering price is $10.00 per Preferred Security and $10.00 per Capital Unit.

Investment objectives: The Trust’s investment objectives are:

• with respect to the Preferred Securities, (i) to pay fixed quarterly interest payments equal to 5.25% per annum on the principal amount of the Preferred Securities;

• with respect to the Capital Units, (i) to pay monthly distributions, initially expected to be equal to 10% per annum, and (ii) to preserve and enhance net asset value.

Closing: The closing is expected to occur on or about January 5, 2007.

Conversion of the Trust: Capital Units of the Trust will be redeemable at net asset value on December 1, 2008. On December 2, 2008 the Trust will become an open ended mutual fund and the Capital Units of the Trust will be delisted and will become redeemable at net asset value per Capital Unit on a daily basis.

Preferred Securities will be redeemable at the original subscription price on December 1, 2008 (in cash or, at the election of the holder, in Capital Units).

Investment strategy: The net proceeds of the Offering will be used by the Trust to acquire the portfolio of approximately 40 securities of income funds and other high-yielding equities that will be managed using the following qualitative guidelines:

• Securities of issuers with an STA-1, STA-2 or STA-3 stability rating by DBRS and unrated securities of issuers of similar quality as determined by the manager must make up at least 60% of the portfolio.

• Securities of issuers with an STA-1 or STA-2 stability rating by DBRS and unrated securities of issuers of similar quality as determined by the manager must make up at least 25% of the portfolio.

• Oil and gas securities may make up no more than 20% of the portfolio.

• No security may make up more than 5% of the portfolio.

Tax efficiency of Capital Units: The Manager expects that approximately 50% of the indicative distribution amount for the period ending December 31, 2007 will be return of capital for income tax purposes.

Distributions: The Trust intends to use distributions or dividends received on the portfolio in the following priority:

(i) to pay interest on all indebtedness of the Trust ranking ahead of the Preferred Securities;

(ii) to pay the expenses of the Trust;

(iii) to pay the fixed quarterly interest payments due on the Preferred Securities; and

(iv) to fund monthly distributions on the Capital Units.

The Trust may withhold a portion of distributions received to discharge obligations set out at items (i) to (iii) above.

TSX listing: The Toronto Stock Exchange has conditionally approved the listing of the units. The symbols will be TSX: SFO.UN for Capital Units and TSX: SFO.PR.A for Preferred Securities.

Sentry Select Capital Corp.: Sentry Select Capital Corp. is a wealth management company providing investment, administrative and marketing services to 33 exchange-listed closed-end funds and corporations (including preferred securities and debentures), 19 principal-protected notes, 16 mutual funds and four flow-through limited partnerships. Sentry Select is one of the largest Canadian investment managers in the income trust sector. As of November 30, 2006, the firm had approximately $8 billion in gross assets under management.

Agents: A syndicate of agents co-led by CIBC World Markets Inc. and RBC Capital Markets, includes BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc., National Bank Financial Inc., Scotia Capital Inc., TD Securities Inc., Canaccord Capital Corporation, Dundee Securities Corporation, HSBC Securities (Canada) Inc., Raymond James Ltd., Berkshire Securities Inc., Blackmont Capital Inc., Wellington West Capital Inc., Desjardins Securities Inc., IPC Securities Corporation and Research Capital Corporation.

More information: Investor Services (broker/investor inquiries) or Kinga Lam (media inquiries) Tel: 1-888-246-6656 Fax: 416-364-1330

This news release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. These forward-looking statements relate to, among other things, the future performance of the Trust. When used in this news release, the word “expects” and the use of the future tense generally identify forward-looking statements. These statements reflect Sentry Select’s current expectations, but are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties. Due to the many risks and uncertainties, Sentry Select cannot assure that the forward-looking statements contained in this news release will be realized.

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