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Sentry Select Diversified Income Trust Announces Distribution of 3.75 Cents ($0.0375) per Unit for January 2005

TORONTO: Sentry Select Diversified Management Inc. is pleased to announce the January distribution of 3.75 cents ($0.0375) for Sentry Select Diversified Income Trust. Trailing distributions: The Trust’s distributions for the past 12 months were $0.9014 per unit. Using the market price of $5.64 per unit as at January 17, 2005, this represents a trailing yield of 15.98%. Distribution date/trading information: The distribution is payable on February 7, 2005to holders of record on January 31, 2005. Sentry Select Diversified Income Trust units trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol SDT.UN. Sentry Select Diversified Income Trust: Sentry Select Diversified Income Trust is a closed-end trust with the objective of maximizing distributions to unitholders by investing primarily in a broad range of royalty and income trusts, real estate investment trusts and other high-yielding securities. Top 10 holdings: The top 10 holdings for Sentry Select Diversified Income Trust ranked by current market value as at January 17, 2005 are:1. Canadian Oil Sands Trust 2. RioCan REIT 3. Vermilion Energy Trust 4. Boardwalk REIT 5. Bonavista Energy Trust 6. Yellow Pages Income Fund 7. Connors Brothers Income Fund 8. Acclaim Energy Trust 9. ARC Energy Trust 10. BFI Canada Income Fund The Trust's total portfolio had a market value of$817,834,104 as at January 17, 2005. The Manager: Sentry Select is a wealth management company with total assets under management of approximately $4.0 billion. Sentry Select has over 85 employees across Canada, including an investment team of 12 portfolio managers, research analysts and traders.

It is the manager or portfolio manager of: It is the manager or portfolio manager of: • Sentry Select Diversified Income Trust (TSX:SDT.UN); • Diversified Income Trust II (TSX:DTT.UN); • Select 50 S-1 Income Trust (TSX:SON.UN); • Select 50 S-1 Income Trust II (TSX:SDE.UN); • Pro-Vest Growth & Income Fund (TSX:PRG.UN); • Sentry Select Focused Growth & Income Trust (TSX:SFG.UN); • COmmercial and INdustrial Securities Income Trust "COINS" (TSX:COI.UN); • Sentry Select Principal-Protected Blue Chip Notes™; • MBS Adjustable Rate Income Fund (TSX:MTF.UN); • Multi Select Income Trust (TSX:MST.UN, MST.PR.A); • Strategic Energy Fund (TSX:SEF.UN); • Mortgage-Backed Securities Trust (TSX:MF.UN; TSX:MF.U); • Sentry Select Blue-Chip Income Trust (TSX:SIT.UN); • Sentry Select Global Index Income Trust (TSX:SGT.UN); • Alliance Split Income Trust; (TSX:ASI.UN, ASI.PR.A); • CAPVEST Income Corp. (TSX-V: CVS); • Eight mutual funds that focus on a broad range of sectors of the economy; and • Four flow-through investment funds.

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