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It's all too easy for investors to get sidetracked from reaching their long-term financial goals.

Perhaps it's the notion that the only way to make money is to actively trade. Or the media sensationalizing short-term market events. Maybe it's the still-fresh memories of the 2008 financial crisis. Or the growing trend of people investing too conservatively for their age. But experience has taught us that short-term thinking keeps investors from reaching their financial goals. It's time to change the conversation and invest with the long term in mind.

So how do you keep clients on track?

Take a cue from the world's most sophisticated investors: pension managers.

By their very nature, pension managers have to be committed to long-term planning. They ignore short-term noise and focus on long-duration assets with the goal of providing sustainable income and growth. To meet their future return requirements, pension managers look beyond conventional stocks and bonds to alternative assets such as real estate, infrastructure, precious metals, energy and high-yield fixed income.


Consistent, disciplined investment approach focused on long-duration assets


Exposure to traditional and alternative asset classes


Ability to deliver growth and regular income

The Sentry Solution

Introducing Sentry Personal Pension Portfolios

Imagine a series of global investment portfolios built to change the conversation from short-term worries to long-term investment results. Each Sentry Personal Pension Portfolio has dedicated allocations to securities in alternative asset classes, as well as exposure to traditional stocks and bonds. Alternative asset classes can provide high-quality, long-duration income streams as well as additional growth potential. All told, each Portfolio has exposure to nine asset classes:

  • canadian equities
  • u.s. equities
  • international equities
  • core bonds
  • high-yield bonds
  • real-estate equities
  • infrastructure equities
  • precious metals equities
  • energy equities

Rich history in alternative assets

Sentry has a long history in alternative asset classes, dating back to 1997. In fact, our first three mutual funds were focused on real estate, mining, and oil and gas. This experience, coupled with our recognized expertise in traditional asset classes, puts us in a unique position to provide access to the asset classes favoured by pension managers.

Not a typical fund of funds

We demonstrate our expertise within Sentry Personal Pension Portfolios. Our portfolio managers manage with conviction, choosing their best ideas within their respective asset classes. This is not a typical fund-of-funds product that can leave an investor holding more than a thousand securities. Each equity asset class generally holds 15 to 30 securities, while fixed income holds 30 to 40. So each Portfolio holds roughly 160 to 300 securities overall.

Consistent investment approach

Each Sentry Personal Pension Portfolio is managed under the Sentry house style: our consistent, disciplined approach to examining every security we invest in. We tend to have fewer holdings and focus on finding the highest-quality, healthiest companies that share specific attributes: a strong balance sheet, strong free cash flow and low debt, plus a solid management team that allocates capital wisely.

The result has been the Sentry hallmark: upside participation, downside protection and cash flow along the way.

There are four portfolios

Each with a different balance of growth, income and capital preservation, corresponding to different investment needs.

1. Sentry Conservative Income Portfolio
Objective Income, capital preservation
Monthly distribution 5.3% as of December 31, 2016
Series T options T-5, T-7
Fixed-income range 50 - 90%
Equity range 10 - 50%
Neutral mix (Fixed income / Equities) 65% / 35%
2. Sentry Balanced Income Portfolio
Objective Income
Monthly distribution 5.2%  as of December 31, 2016
Series T options T-5, T-7
Fixed-income range 20 - 60%
Equity range 40 - 80%
Neutral mix (Fixed income / Equities) 50% / 50%
3. Sentry Growth and Income Portfolio
Objective Capital growth, modest income
Monthly distribution 4.0%  as of December 31, 2016
Series T options T-4, T-6
Fixed-income range 10 - 40%
Equity range 60 - 90%
Neutral mix (Fixed income / Equities) 35% / 65%
4. Sentry Growth Portfolio
Objective Capital growth
Monthly distribution No yield
Series T options T-4, T-6
Fixed-income range 0 - 30%
Equity range 70 - 100%
Neutral mix (Fixed income / Equities) 20% / 80%

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