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Pension managers have to be committed to long-term investing. They ignore short-term market events and focus on providing sustainable income and growth.

To meet their future return requirements, pension managers look beyond conventional stocks and bonds and include a meaningful allocation to real assets.


Why have pension funds evolved to include more real assets? Because they offer distinct and complementary benefits to traditional equities and bonds.

High-quality, long-duration income streams

Low correlation to traditional asset classes

Potential to reduce volatility and increase returns in a portfolio

Pension managers have a dedicated allocation to real assets (aka real estate, infrastructure, precious metals and energy) and have been increasing that allocation for more than a decade.

Asset allocation for pension funds


Source: Pension Investment Association of Canada, 2016
*Real estate and infrastructure allocation was 19% in 2016 vs. 5% in 2000.



Global investment portfolios built with the long term in mind

Asset class expertise

Sentry Personal Pension Portfolios are a series of global investment portfolios built for long-term investing. Each Portfolio provides exposure to nine different asset classes, including a dedicated allocation to securities invested in real assets. Each asset class is managed by a portfolio manager with specialized expertise in his or her respective asset class.

  • canadian equities
  • u.s. equities
  • international equities
  • core bonds
  • high-yield bonds
  • real-estate equities
  • infrastructure equities
  • precious metals equities
  • energy equities

True active management

The portfolio managers invest with conviction. The pools that make up the five Portfolios are concentrated, allowing for the benefit of true active management.

Sentry Personal Pension Portfolios: 

approximately 300 securities

Typical fund of funds: 

upwards of 1,000 securities

Managing risk and capturing opportunity

The portfolio managers select individual securities in their respective asset classes and regularly share their market perspectives with Sentry’s Asset Allocation Committee. The Committee determines and tactically adjusts the overall asset mix of the portfolios to manage risk and capture opportunity.

Rich history in real assets

Sentry has a long history in real assets, dating back to 1997. In fact, our first three mutual funds were focused on real estate, mining, and oil and gas. This experience, coupled with recognized expertise in each of the traditional asset classes, puts Sentry in a unique position to provide access to the asset classes favoured by pension managers.

Disciplined investment philosophy

The portfolio managers share a disciplined house philosophy, and manage with an eye to mitigating volatility. They focus on bottom-up, company-specific research with the goal of understanding and identifying high-quality, financially sound companies.

the portfolios

Each of the five Portfolios offers a different balance of growth and income, depending on an investor’s specific needs and goals.

 Sentry Defensive Income Portfolio
Investment goalIncome, capital preservation
Monthly distribution3.0% initial distribution
Series T optionsT-5
Fixed-income range70 - 90%
Equity range10 - 30%
Neutral mix (Fixed income / Equities)80% / 20%
 Sentry Conservative Income Portfolio
Investment goalIncome, modest capital appreciation
Monthly distribution5.3% as of December 31, 2016
Series T optionsT-5, T-7
Fixed-income range50 - 90%
Equity range10 - 50%
Neutral mix (Fixed income / Equities)65% / 35%
 Sentry Balanced Income Portfolio
Investment goalIncome, capital appreciation
Monthly distribution5.2% as of December 31, 2016
Series T optionsT-5, T-7
Fixed-income range20 - 60%
Equity range40 - 80%
Neutral mix (Fixed income / Equities)50% / 50%
 Sentry Growth and Income Portfolio
Investment goalCapital appreciation, modest income
Monthly distribution4.0% as of December 31, 2016
Series T optionsT-4, T-6
Fixed-income range10 - 40%
Equity range60 - 90%
Neutral mix (Fixed income / Equities)35% / 65%
 Sentry Growth Portfolio
Investment goalCapital appreciation
Monthly distributionNo yield
Series T optionsT-4, T-6
Fixed-income range0 - 30%
Equity range70 - 100%
Neutral mix (Fixed income / Equities)20% / 80%

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