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Flexible distribution service

Many mutual funds offer regular distributions. When it comes to those distributions, investors are usually given two choices: receive the cash directly in the form of monthly or quarterly income, or reinvest the distribution back into the fund.

But with Sentry Investments’ Flexible Distribution Service you now have the ability to choose a combination of cash and reinvestment, customized based on your specific needs.

How it works

Select a series of a Fund that pays a regular monthly distribution, and then choose from the three following distribution options:

  1. Receive the cash directly (specified dollar or percentage amount)
  2. Reinvest the distribution (specified dollar or percentage amount) into:
    1. a. The same fund
    2. b. Another fund
    3. c. Combination of both
  3. Combination of the above two options

If the amount chosen is less than the regular amount distributed by the fund series, the remaining cash will be automatically reinvested into the same fund where the distribution originated from.

Distribution on your terms

The majority of Sentry funds offer distribution options. That’s because we understand investors have different needs. Talk to your financial advisor to see how Sentry Investments’ Flexible Distribution Service can work for you.