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Canadian Income Management Inc. and Canadian Income Management Trust provide update on the maturation of debentures and termination of the Trust

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 5, 2012) - Canadian Income Management Inc. (the "Corporation") announces that the Corporation's issued and outstanding 7% unsecured, subordinated debentures (the "Debentures") were delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange at the end of business on Friday, August 31, 2012. The delisting coincided with the maturation of the Debentures, which were scheduled to mature on that date. The Corporation has now repaid debentureholders the principal amount of $100, plus all accrued and unpaid interest (amounting to $1.19 per Debenture), on each Debenture surrendered to the Corporation's Debenture trustee, Computershare Trust Company of Canada. Investors can expect to receive their repayment from their dealer of record in due course, the timing of which is outside of the Corporation's control. Debentureholders will be considered to have disposed of the Debentures for proceeds of disposition equal to $100 per Debenture. For tax purposes, debentureholders will realize a capital gain (or capital loss) equal to the amount by which the proceeds of disposition are greater (or less) than the aggregate of the debentureholder's adjusted cost base and any reasonable costs of disposition. For further details, please consult the Corporation's Debenture Indenture dated February 21, 2006 available on SEDAR at

Further, the unitholders of Canadian Income Management Trust (the "Trust") are reminded that the Trust's units were also delisted from the TSX at the end of business on Friday, August 31, 2012 in advance of the Trust's slated termination scheduled to occur on or about September 7, 2012 in accordance with its Trust Indenture dated February 21, 2006, as amended from time to time. Unitholders can expect to receive their pro rata share of the proceeds from the sale of the Trust's assets (together with any cash on hand) following the payment, retirement or discharge of all known liabilities and obligations of the Trust and the provision of indemnity against any other outstanding liabilities and obligations. For tax purposes, the distribution will be treated as a disposition of such Trust units for proceeds of disposition equal to the cash received. Unitholders will consequently realize a capital gain (or capital loss), depending upon whether the proceeds of disposition received exceed (or are less than) the adjusted cost base of the Trust units so redeemed and any reasonable costs of disposition. It is expected that such distribution will occur on or about September 7, 2012.

As of September 4, 2012, the net asset value of the Trust was $1.79 per unit.

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