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Sentry Select Corporate Class Ltd. acquires the assets of NCE Diversified Flow-Through (09) Limited Partnership for a total value of $89,563,713

TORONTO: Sentry Select Capital Inc. ("Sentry") is pleased to announce that Sentry Select Corporate Class Ltd. (the "Corporation") has acquired all of the assets of NCE Diversified Flow-Through (09) Limited Partnership (the "Partnership"). The total value of the assets at the time of the acquisition was $89,563,713.

Mutual fund share value of the (09) Partnership In exchange for the Partnership's assets, the Partnership received an aggregate of 1,977,641.57 Series A sales charge option shares (the "Shares") of Sentry Canadian Resource Class (the "Fund") at a net asset value of $45.29 per share in the capital of the Corporation.

Value of the Partnership units: As at the close of business on February 4, 2011, the value of the Partnership units was $37.06 per unit.

Notice to limited partners: A notice in connection with the proposed sale of the Partnership's assets to the Corporation in exchange for the Shares and the subsequent dissolution of the Partnership was mailed to the limited partners of the Partnership in January 2011.

NCE Diversified Flow-Through (11) Limited Partnership A final prospectus, dated January 20, 2011, for NCE Diversified Flow-Through (11) Limited Partnership has been filed with the securities commissions and regulatory authorities in each of the provinces and territories of Canada, and the closing is expected to occur on or about February 24, 2011. It is anticipated that the assets of this limited partnership will also, in due course, be acquired by the Corporation as described in the prospectus of the limited partnership.

Sentry Canadian Resource Class: Sentry Canadian Resource Class is a class of mutual fund shares of the Corporation. To achieve its objective of long-term growth through capital appreciation, the Fund invests primarily in equities and other securities of Canadian companies engaged in energy and natural resource industries such as oil and gas, mining and minerals, forestry and other resources, as well as sectors that are dependent on these industries such as pipelines, utilities and equipment manufacturers. As at the close of business on February 4, 2011, the net assets in the Fund prior to the merger was approximately $221,654,364.

Sentry Select Corporate Class Ltd.: In addition to Sentry Canadian Resource Class, the Corporation offers shares of Sentry Canadian Income Class, Sentry Mining Opportunities Class, Sentry Tactical Bond Capital Yield Class, Sentry Money Market Class and Sentry Precious Metals Growth Class. The corporate class structure allows investors to convert shares of one corporate class fund into another without triggering any capital gains tax.

Sentry Investments: Sentry Investments is a Canadian asset management company that offers a diverse range of investment products including mutual funds, hedge funds, flow-through limited partnerships and other alternative investments, covering a variety of domestic and global mandates.

Documents (including press releases) regarding the various investment funds that are managed or advised by Sentry are provided for information purposes only and cannot be relied on to be complete, exhaustive or error-free unless the complete set of documents for any given investment fund with respect to which information is being sought is reviewed and then only on SEDAR (