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Mandatory Market Purchase Program purchases for its income trusts

TORONTO: In response to inquiries from the investment community, Sentry Select Capital Corp. wishes to confirm that the following income trusts have been purchasing units for cancellation under the Mandatory Market Purchase Program: Sentry Select Diversified Income Trust, COmmercial & INdustrial Securities Income Trust, Diversified Income Trust II, Diversified Preferred Share Trust, Premier Value Income Trust, Strategic Energy Fund, Pro-Vest Growth & Income Fund, Sentry Select Commodities Income Trust, Sentry Select Focused Growth & Income Fund, Mortgage Backed Securities Trust, MBS Adjustable Rate Income Fund, Sentry Select MBS Adjustable Rate Income Fund II and Sentry Select FIDAC U.S. Mortgage Trust.

The Mandatory Market Purchase Program of each of the above mentioned Trusts requires the Trust to purchase units in the market if the trading price falls below a specified percentage of net asset value per unit, subject to quarterly limits. Sentry Select expects that the purchases will be effective in decreasing the spread between the net asset value per unit and the market price of the units.

Website: To find out more about each Trust, including portfolio holdings, net asset values and investment objectives, please visit

Sentry Select Capital Corp.: Sentry Select Capital Corp. is a wealth management company providing investment, administrative and marketing services to 33 exchange-listed closed-end funds and corporations, including preferred securities and debentures, 19 principal-protected notes, 16 mutual funds and four flow-through limited partnerships. Sentry Select is one of the largest Canadian investment managers in the income trust sector. As of October 31, 2006, the firm had over $8.0 billion in gross assets under management.

More information: Investor Services (broker/investor inquiries) or Kinga Lam (media inquiries) Tel: 1-888-246-6656 Fax: 416-364-1197

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