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Sentry Select Capital Corp. Increases Service Fee Paid to Dealers for Sentry Select Focused 50 Income Fund; Investors Unaffected

Toronto: Sentry Select Capital Corp. (“Sentry Select”) announced today that effective immediately, the annual service fee that Sentry Select pays to dealers for Series A units of Sentry Select Focused 50 Income Fund (the “Fund”) is increasing from 0.50% to 1.25%.

The fee will be calculated and paid quarterly to each dealer at the rate of ¼ of 1.25% of the average value of Series A units held in the Fund by the dealer’s clients during each complete calendar quarter. The fee reflects service given to investors by their dealers throughout the year. Sentry Select will make a one-time payment to dealers to make the change retroactive to October 1, 2005.

Investors will not be affected by the change. The fee is paid entirely by Sentry Select, and not by the Fund or its investors.

Sentry Select is amending the simplified prospectus and annual information form of the Fund to reflect the change.

The Manager - Sentry Select Capital Corp. is a wealth management company with gross assets under management in excess of $9 billion. It is the portfolio manager of 18 closed-end trusts, 4 flow-through limited partnerships and 11 mutual funds; the manager of an investment corporation; the marketing agent for a series of principal-protected notes; and the administrator of 3 closed-end trusts.

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