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Sentry Select Diversified Income Trust Announces Rights Offering and a Special Distribution

TORONTO Sentry Select Diversified Income Trust (the “Trust”) announces that it has filed a preliminary prospectus in connection with an offering of Rights to its Unitholders to subscribe for Trust Units (the “Rights Offering”). The Rights Offering is subject to receipt of all regulatory approvals, including the approval of the Toronto Stock Exchange. Special Capital Gains Distribution The Trust is also pleased to announce that it will make a special distribution of $0.25 per Trust Unit in respect of net realized capital gains. Such special distribution will be payable to Unitholders of record at the close of business (Toronto time) on August 31, 2005 (the “Distribution Record Date”) and will be payable on or about September 8, 2005. The Units issued on the exercise of the Rights being offered under the Rights Offering will not be outstanding on the Distribution Record Date and, accordingly, the special distribution will not be paid on such Units. Rights and Subscription Price Each Unitholder will receive one Right for each Trust Unit held on the record date. Three Rights will entitle the holder to purchase one Trust Unit (the “Basic Subscription Privilege”). The record date, exercise price and rights expiration date have not yet been determined. The Trust will make a further announcement with respect to these matters subsequent to the filing of the final prospectus. Additional Trust Units Holders of Rights who fully exercise their Rights are entitled to subscribe pro rata for additional Trust Units, if available, that were not subscribed for initially under the Basic Subscription Privilege. Expenses of the Offering Sentry Select Capital Corp., the Manager of the Trust, has agreed to pay the expenses of the Offering incurred by the Trust. Step Up Privilege Holders of Rights not evenly divisible by three will be entitled to round up subscriptions to the next highest whole number of Trust Units. Use of Proceeds The Trust will use the net proceeds of the Rights Offering to acquire, in the open market and through private placements, securities in royalty trusts, unit trusts, income trusts, real estate investment trusts, limited partnerships and other similar issues, in accordance with the Trust’s prevailing investment policies and restrictions. Dealer Manager National Bank Financial Inc. has been engaged to be the Dealer Manager for the Rights Offering. Sentry Select Diversified Income Trust Sentry Select Diversified Income Trust (TSX: SDT.UN) is a closed-end trust with the objective of maximizing distributions to Unitholders by investing primarily in a broad range of royalty and income trusts, real estate investment trusts and other high-yielding securities. The Manager Sentry Select Capital Corp. is the manager of the Trust. Sentry Select is also responsible for providing or arranging for the provision of administrative services required by the Trust. Sentry Select is a wealth management company with gross assets under management in excess of $7 billion.

It is the manager, portfolio manager or administrator of:

• Sentry Select Diversified Income Trust (TSX:SDT.UN); • Diversified Income Trust II (TSX:DTT.UN); • Select 50 S-1 Income Trust (TSX:SON.UN); • Select 50 S-1 Income Trust II (TSX:SDE.UN); • Pro-Vest Growth & Income Fund (TSX:PRG.UN); • Sentry Select Focused Growth & Income Trust (TSX:SFG.UN); • COmmercial and INdustrial Securities Income Trust "COINS" (TSX:COI.UN); • Multi Select Income Trust (TSX:MST.UN, MST.PR.A); • Alliance Split Income Trust; (TSX:ASI.UN, ASI.PR.A); • Premier Value Income Trust (TSX:PVN.UN) • Strategic Energy Fund (TSX:SEF.UN); • MBS Adjustable Rate Income Fund (TSX:MTF.UN); • Sentry Select MBS Adjustable Rate Income Fund II (TSX: MGS.UN); • Mortgage-Backed Securities Trust (TSX:MF.UN; TSX:MF.U); • Sentry Select Blue-Chip Income Trust (TSX:SIT.UN); • Sentry Select Global Index Income Trust (TSX:SGT.UN); • CAPVEST Income Corp. (TSX-V:CVS); • Diversified Preferred Share Trust (TSX: DPS.UN); • Oil Sands Split Trust (TSX: OST.UN); • Global DiSCs Trust 2004-1 (TSX: DST.UN); • Sentry Select Commodities Income Trust (TSX: SSJ.UN); • Sentry Select Principal-Protected Blue Chip Notes™ I-VI; • Three flow-through limited partnerships; and • Eleven mutual funds that focus on a broad range of sectors of the economy;

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