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Precious Metals and Mining Trust


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As at 2019-02-20


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Fund overview

Precious Metals and Mining Trust is a closed-end investment trust with a focus on providing long-term capital appreciation and monthly income through exposure to the North American precious metals sector.

The Trust focuses on companies engaged in the exploration, mining and production of gold, diamonds, uranium, copper, zinc and other metals and minerals in North America. The portfolio manager seeks companies with “high wealth creation potential” such as juniors exploring for new deposits, small producers looking to increase production and potential takeover targets.

Investors benefit in several key ways:

  • Long-term capital appreciation in a sector with the potential for above-market performance
  • Monthly cash distributions, initially representing 5% yield per annum
  • hedge against inflation
  • The Trust meets the needs of investors seeking to enhance portfolio diversification. As a part of an asset class with a low correlation to stocks and bonds, precious metals and minerals can provide increased return potential and diversification within a well-balanced portfolio.

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    Fund facts (2012-12-31)

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    Structured products

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    Growth of $10,000 invested

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