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An approach for all market conditions

Capitalizing on company, industry and cyclical dislocations by combining macro analysis with bottom-up research

Photo of James Dutkiewicz

James Dutkiewicz

Chief Investment Officer

“To effectively manage risk, you need to have a flexible approach that provides the freedom to shift between a variety of strategies as market conditions change.”

What sets them apart

Led by James Dutkiewicz, Sentry’s fixed-income team includes tenured investment professionals with complementary skill sets. Each of the fixed-income portfolio managers has experience managing through various economic, interest rate, business and credit cycles.

Experienced investment team:

portfolio managers with an average of 20 years industry experience

Multi-dimensional process:

an approach for all market conditions to improve risk-adjusted returns

Equity lens:

leveraging insights from Sentry’s equity teams and applying an equity lens as a complement

High conviction:

concentrated portfolios, built from the bottom-up, with top-down macro analysis

Risk management:

focus on quality issuers with strong risk/return opportunities. Not investing in over-valued bonds just because they are a large index weight

Our investment process: an approach for all market conditions

A multi-dimensional approach that combines top-down macro analysis and bottom-up research enables us to identify cyclical, industry or company-specific dislocations which we can then capitalize on.

Top-down analysis: Assessing the global macro environment and setting risk parameters enhances our ability to diversify the sources of potential return rather than being dependent on one factor to drive performance.

Bottom-up analysis: Deep fundamental credit analysis is at the core of our investment process. The result: intimate security knowledge, stronger risk controls and concentrated portfolios that offer meaningful return potential for investors.

Image depicting investment approach of Sentry's fixed-income team

Fixed-income team