Investor suitability

For those who:

  • are willing to accept a low degree of risk
  • are seeking a regular source of current income and capital preservation
  • are seeking to add global exposure to their investment portfolio
  • are not concerned by short-term price fluctuations
  • are planning to hold their investment for the long term.


Effective on or about September 24, 2018, CIG 54057

Fund overview

Sentry Defensive Income Portfolio aims to provide current income and capital preservation with the potential for capital appreciation by investing prudently in an actively managed, diversified portfolio consisting primarily of global fixed-income and equity securities.

Fund facts (2019-01-31)

Fund codes


Inception date


Investment type

Mutual funds

Total # holdings


Number of issuers (equities)


Minimum investment

The initial minimum amounts for investment in a Fund are: $500 for Series A, Series T, Series B, Series BT, Series F and Series FT securities; $100,000 for Series O and Series O8 securities; and $5,000,000 or an amount we determine, at our discretion, for Series I securities.

Bond characteristics

Modified duration:

6.9 years

Average credit rating (S&P):


( Source: Bloomberg, Standard & Poor's, Sentry Investments As at 2018-12-31)

Growth of $10,000 invested