Investor suitability

For those who:

  • are willing to accept a low to medium degree of risk
  • are seeking a balance of income and long-term capital appreciation
  • are planning to hold their investment for the long term.

Investment style

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Effective on or about September 24, 2018, ISC:CIG 50122

Fund overview

Sentry Balanced Yield Private Pool Class aims to provide a balance of income and long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in fixed-income securities and dividend-paying equity securities. The pool will pursue this objective by investing directly in such securities and/or indirectly through an investment in other investment funds that invest in such securities.

Fund facts (2018-11-30)

Fund codes


Inception date


Investment type

Private pools

Total # holdings


Number of issuers (equities)


Income distribution


Minimum investment

The minimum investment amount for the Sentry Private Pools and Sentry Real Income Managed Portfolios is $100,000; that minimum is waived if members of a household collectively invest $250,000 with Sentry. The minimum to participate in the Sentry Real Income Custom Solution is $250,000.

Bond characteristics

Yield to worst:

4.1 %

Modified duration:

6.5 years

Average credit rating (S&P):


( Source: Bloomberg, Standard & Poor's, Sentry Investments As at 2018-11-30)

Growth of $10,000 invested